Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 100: Tragedy!#@$$!!@!!!

Erm... well, not really :) April fools day, right? Also Day 100 of the build. Lots of pictures in this blog post!

I was all set to go home without visiting the site, as I thought there wouldn't have been anything done - I mean, it's the day before the Easter long weekend, what self-respecting tradie would bother working on a day like today? But when I checked in with Tina, she was all excited..
"I'm up on the scaffolding... there's been heaps of work done!" - well of course I had to see what the fuss was about!

Today's Work #1: Brickies on site early, again! They weren't meant to be back until after Easter, but they were hard at it today! The balcony is starting to take shape, with the lintels all installed and a few courses of bricks put up. Also, the west side ground floor bricking has been completed, though it's hard to get a look with the scaffolding in the way.

Plus the rear bipart door and home theatre window bricking over has been done too. Ground floor bricking, all done!

Today's Work #2: First floor has been wrapped all the way around. We're now pretty well protected from the elements! See first picture.

Today's Work #3: The heating unit has been installed, and a whole bunch of heating ducts have been run through the roof and through to the ground floor! No idea how they managed to get such a huge unit in the house and up into the roof cavity.

Next picture shows another view of the gas unit sitting on some wood in the roof cavity, and a bunch more pipes. Very interesting in how the pipes are run through spaces in the frame to get to the ground floor!

Today's Work #4: Chippies have been through the house, planing the studs and adding packing - this is to make sure the stud walls are as vertical as possible so that the plaster goes on straight. No pics of this today (maybe tomorrow)!

Today's Work #5: This may have been a few days ago, but when we were up on the top level of scaffolding checking out the solar panel, we also saw our aerial perched at the very apex of the roof. Nice! And looking to the right, you can see the solar panel that has been installed up on the roof, connecting to the hot water service, also installed in the last few days.

It's incredible seeing the amount of work being done in just one day - good organisation by our SS! She didn't call us this week; probably because she was too busy calling tradies in, and that's fine by us! Hopefully the first floor bricking and cladding will be complete in the next few weeks; though there's quite a bit of work for the garage to be done (putting up the garage roof, trusses and tiling). Hoping to be at lockup stage by the end of April, and maybe we'll dare to ask our SS when she reckons everything will be complete!

Happy Easter everyone!



  1. I noticed there's a crack in one of the timber frames in your photo: ""

    right under the longer air con pipes, might want to ask your builder to confirm if it requires replacing??


  2. Hi Allan - thanks for the heads up, will look for it out next time we're on site. Though I think it just might be a trick of the photo, I had a good look at our high res original photo and I couldn't pick any cracks. We'll also get an inspector through in a few weeks to give everything a thorough look around!



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