Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 113: Cavity doorframes & doors delivered

Delivery of cavity doorframes & doors today.

We've got a set of double cavity doors to the study, and double cavity doors to the ensuite. Each cavity door gets its own prefabricated frame - guess they need to be installed as part of lockup, as plaster will be laid over the frames.

Aso got 5 doors delivered. One was a plain flush door, which we think will be installed to the garage access door temporarily. We also got 4 cavity doors, Corinthian Balmoral 2 in 2340mm high. There's a few deep scratches and gouges in the doors, which we expect will be filled in prior to painting. The tall doors are an upgrade, but match the high ceilings exceptionally well! Highly recommended for anyone increasing ceiling height to get tall doors too. Plus Balmoral 2 doors are solid wood construction, unlike standard doors which are thin MDF on either side, separated by a cardboard honeycomb inner layer.

Also waiting on one more cavity door, which is a custom sized 1020mm wide Balmoral 2 door, which will close off the open plan rear area from the front of the house.



  1. Hi Tim & Tina,
    I love your blog and read it everyday. We are also going to be building a Nolan near you guys, but on the other side of the Eastern Freeway, off Tram Rd. We will be doing the final contract signing on the 27th April. I was just wondering how much your cavity doors set you back? We also have to get someone to come take 10mtres of timber fences down on the side where the garage will be built. Who did you guys use and what was the cost?


  2. Hi Tim and Tina,

    We follow your posts almost daily :) We are thinking to build with Metricon soon but have 2 questions for you. How much do they charge for heating/cooling ? and who did you use for inspection ? how many inspections will you recommend ? we need to factor in our costs for our loan purposes. We are thinking of building the small 28 squares Wingrove but worry these costs mentioned will be too much in the end especially we know Metricon will not let our heating/cooling people in while they build and of course they will charge more for it.

    Thanks Tim and Tina, look forward to your next blog !

    Stewart & Mrs

  3. Shan: Sounds like there will be a few Nolans in the area, we know of at least 3 others off Station St already :) For a set of double cavity doors about $600 I think. As for fencing, post up a job ad on servicecentral and you should get some replies - I wouldn't recommend the guy who did our fence.

    Stewart & Mrs: Heating is included in the price, cooling isn't - and it's cheaper to do it yourself after handover anyway (M quote about $5500 for 5 points evap cooling). Metricon won't allow you to do your own heating/cooling during the build. If you're thinking of building the wingrove, look through some of our recent blog posts as there's a wingrove for sale in Doncaster which we inspected a couple of weeks ago, and it's going for auction next weekend I think.

  4. oh and for inspection we haven't had any done yet, will get an inspector in around end of april for a preplaster and then a final handover inspection. Inspections are around $5-600each but well worth it, we think!

  5. Hi Tim and Tina

    Lovin your blog so far! We are in the tender process currently and know we have a lot of decisions to make in the near future. Can you please tell me why you opted for the upgraded doors - was it for insulation or sound proofing? And do you mind telling me how much the upgrade was for the higher doors?

    Thx Mel.

  6. Hi Mel - we just think with high ceilings, the tall doors look better, otherwise there's a big gap between the top of the door & the ceiling. As for the design, we just like the 2 panel doors :) Cost depends on how many doors you upgrade, it's about $100 per door I think.

  7. Hi Tim & Tina,

    Thanks so much for the reply. So how many ducting outlets did you end up getting, are they downstairs as well ? Also, for the "evaporative cooling provision" in your contract to upgrade your own later, how much out of pocket Metricon manages to get from you :) ? So, if we read it correctly, you leave the standard heating only to upstairs as is, right ? and upgrade to the "provision" for your own later on. If so, what is your plan for downstairs heating/cooling ? Please give us some advices.

    Thanks so much Tim and Tina again,

    Stewart & Misus

  8. We meant heating outlets, Tim.

    Thanks from Stewart & Misus

  9. Standard heating ducts go upstairs & downstairs, will add on our own evaporative cooling to upstairs later. Best you contact your CSC to get the heating duct diagrams for your house

  10. Don't build with metricon have been in home for threee years and 5 months had to replace both solar panels twice and had a burst pipe in roof causing damage and had the flex pipe in the kids bathroom go, flooding whole house then the heater packed it in (no warranty after 3 years),the microwave has been sent away the oven had the fan done the gas water system has been looked at several times we had scratched windows which were replaced approx three years later with new ones which were the wrong thickness, in all building with metricon might costs you your marriage as this is a very stressful time on each other and the kids. we had the slab put down and they forgot to put 200mm on the front entrance the font window had to be lifted up 40mm after 3mths trying to work out why the bricks didn,t line up. one wall on the east side of the house had to be done again the man hole was put in the wrong place the plaster was full of dints the the paint faded in threee months they said the y sacked the concretor,brick layer and went through about 4 supervisors and i could go on for ever



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