Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 118: Carpenters back on site, facade taking shape and more internal work!

The electricians didn't come back today; but we had great progress with the carpenters back onsite getting busy. First of all, the facade is really starting to take shape! Carpenters have almost finished installing the weatherboard cladding to the first floor facade - just the very top level to be added!

Of course, with the sun setting earlier and earlier everyday, this photo is a little dull - I didn't even go to the house today, as by the time I get there it's already pitch black, but Tina normally gets there just as the sun sets.

Up close, we can see more detail of the cladding. Vertical timber studs are fixed to the studs behind the weather wrap, the weatherboards are secret nailed to the studs, with the corners fixed with a vertical timber piece.

Eaves haven't been completed, only a little bit left to be done, and the weatherboards to the rear of the house haven't been started yet. Not much left for external lockup now!

And on the inside, the carpenters have fixed in the double cavity sliders to the study and ensuite. Photo below is the study doors.

They look FANTASTIC - but then again, we're biased :) The doors are 720mm wide and 2340mm high each, and while you can see the routing for each of the two panels at the moment, the doors will be painted Dulux White-On-White.

Also , the bathtub to the ensuite has been delivered and installed. Might have to obscure that window, or the neighbours will get a heart attack watching me in the tub. Not sure what that blue tube is for.

Also, the bathroom bathtub has been installed... sitting on some spare bricks.

According to MyMetricon, internal lockup is due to be completed tomorrow 20.4.10, and lockup completion is scheduled for 23.4.10. Need to make contact with Monique tomorrow, as we need to organise our independent lockup inspection... maybe as soon as next week?



  1. And on those bricks the bath tub will stay! (Not that you'll notice them once the hob is tiled up)

  2. HI Tim & Tina,

    We LOVE your blog ! and very happy that the house is taken shape. Also, we are considering upgrade our staircase option to the one you got, the KDHardwood, for what you paid did you have all the risers/posts also raw timber for future staining as well ? or they are standard white ones ? (I mean the risers b/w the steps). Also does the price include stainless steel balustrade ? Thanks Tim & Tina.

    Kate & James

  3. Kate & James: If you just upgrade to KDHM treads on standard stairs, about $2500. If you get cantilevered stairs like ours, with KDHW treads & risers, about $6500. Stainless steel balustrade & upgrade handrail is about $1000. Not cheap building a house!

  4. Wow, that's expensive for a timber staircase ! We were quoted for $2500 and thought that's dear already. So to have stainless steel balustrade and upgrade handrail it is not cheap. Plus all risers and treads timber as well total $6500. We need to re-think about this. Thanks Tim & Tina.

    Kate & James

  5. Wondering the foamy/white stuff under the slab, were they removed before the slab poured ? We have zero idea about building so sorry to ask such a silly question.

    Stewart & Mrs

  6. kate & james: those prices were from a year ago, so don't be too surprised if it's more now. If you want the cantilevered stairs with glass balustrade, it was.... $17,000!!!

    stewart: the polystyrene is part of the slab, it's called a waffle pod slab. Apparently, having the polystyrene there makes it stronger than just a plain block of concrete!

  7. Hi Tim & Tina,

    We've been following your progression and it's been great! We're also building Nolan 45 in Syd but only at very early stage (hasn't even submitted to council yet).
    Just wondering if you included the carpet & tiling or if you're doing this yourself. We've been quoted total $19K by Metricon which seems excessive!

    Yuli & Carfian

  8. Y&C: We're doing flooring ourselves afterwards, carpet upstairs & timber downstairs. $19k is about right for carpet & tiles, but you can always take your plans to flooring places, they'll measure from the plan and give you a quote.



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