Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 114: Internal aerial connection

No work done to our house today, but the urge to blog strikes again; so here's a pic of the aerial... from the inside.

Quite a few metres of RG6 cabling all curled up. This will connect to a Clipsal Starserve box in the walk-in-linen downstairs, and then send out a bunch of feeds throughout the house. I think we somehow ended up with about 7 TV outlets (!), in the sitting room, family room, home theatre, leisure room, master bed, bed 2, and the garage. TV points are one of those things that you kind of have to stick in the house during construction, as it's hard or impossible to add it in later. In my parent's house there's only 2 outlets, and rabbit ear internal aerials don't work very well, and very badly in a 2 storey house (on the ground floor at least!).

So though we mostly watch stuff that's been torrented, DVDs or bluray, free-to-air digital TV is slowly (veeeery slowly) getting better, and all the TV points will be installed & ready to be used!

Oh yeah - and for everyone who hasn't got to their electrical appointment yet, the standard house comes with 2 TV points and no aerial. The aerial is about $300 or so, and each TV point something like $80+, and you may need a starserve box if you're getting more than 4 points.



  1. Hi Tim and Tina,

    Your house is looking great, can't wait till our construction starts (probably mid May).

    Just wondering how you manage to get all of those great pics? Metricon have told us that site access is strictly by appointment only.

    Look forward to each of your blogs, inspiring stuff!

  2. Great stuff. The kinda info I was looking for.
    Electrical coming up. No internet network?

  3. Glenn: magic camera :)

    wushukid: Should be getting networking done next week, and of course will post photos when they're in!



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