Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 105: East side bricks completed, bath frames installed

The final day of a 5 day Easter weekend - ahh, what a relaxing time! A little bit of chocolate, and lots of hot cross buns smothered in buttter & jam, yum!

Went to our house around lunchtime to find our hardworking brickies just finishing up the east side wall (left side of house in this photo).

They've now completed half of the upstairs bricking, as the front & rear of the first floor is weatherboard cladding. They've also put in the brick windowsills under these windows on the east side.

Going inside, the carpenters were back sometime today to construct the bathtub frames in the bathroom and ensuite. The ensuite bath is a lot bigger than I thought it would be!

So, weather-permitting, hoping to have the west side bricking done by end of the week. There's all the remaining windowsills on the ground floor to complete and the brickwork over the garage door opening for the brickies to do. Still, things are looking on track for lockup to be complete by end of the month - woohoo!



  1. your bricks color looks great~~cheers

  2. Thanks Amy, took a long time to choose the bricks and they're coming up pretty well. Still need to be cleaned too!



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