Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 115: Electrical installation commenced

A couple of electricians were working on the house today, getting the main wiring for power run throughout the house. Exciting!

There had to be a few changes from the original electrical plan;
  1. GPO in the powder room had to be moved from the wall where the vanity is to another wall, or it would have been covered by the mirror.
  2. GPO above the laundry bench had to be moved as it was too close to the laundry trough (risk of electrocution, not nice!), so this one has been moved to another wall too.

If you look closely at the above picture, on the floor below the left GPO are three blue marks; this is so the electricians know where to cut through the plaster to access the wiring for fitoff. Pretty impressed the guys were able to get the whole house wired for power in a day! They'll be back on Monday to run through all the lighting wiring. Different people will come in to run the data and TV cabling through the house, probably sometime next week too.

No carpenters today, so our linea weatherboard cladding is still sitting in the driveway waiting to be installed - with any luck, that'll be done next week too, then painting of the eaves & cladding can get underway.

And I've finally managed to sell my car after advertising it for 5 months... buyer picks it up tomorrow, phew! Will be driving around a $500 junker for a while, but at least the mortgage is getting a big chunk taken off it - plus avoiding heaps of interest as well! Here's one last photo to remember her by - what a magnificent ride, plenty of power & torque, will be fondly remembered! This photo taken in a prestigious estate where there's quite a few Metricons being built!



  1. Congrats on the great progress! When you guys had to change the electrical layout, was this even after meeting with Metricon and having your plans looked over by their consultant? I think we spent the better part of the day scrutinizing every light fitting, power point, etc.

    Oh, and congrats on the car sale as well. I had to sell my 'baby', a 3 series BMW, a few years back when I moved and it was difficult to let go. My wife doesn't mind though, she's wearing it on her finger now. ;)

  2. Hi Guys

    Just back tracking a little here...

    Can you please tell me how the process went for you to have your site surveyed (initially I presume with the old house on the block) and then a resurvey? Did you get charged for an extra survey.

    We have already had a survey of our unregistered land and subsequently a house siting and preliminary contract with information pertaining to site costs however we have a friend in the excavation business and we have decided to level the block out for ourselves once we have settled on the land. This will obviously require a resurvey. M aren't too happy with this idea but we haven't formalised anything with them yet...any suggestions or ideas.

  3. Stefan; the electrical changes mentioned in the post were things done on the spot, as Tina had a day off and just happened to be there when they were working. In hindsight, we could've had these problems picked up at the electrical appointment, but they're fairly minor changes and easily dealt with. And Megan must be a lucky girl with a big rock on her finger :)

    anonymous: we needed a resurvey after demolition, can't remember the cost, definitely a few hundred bucks at least. Not sure if levelling the block yourself will save you any money, but worth a shot I guess if you have the connections.



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