Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 121: Plumbers in for lockup plumbing

Bathtubs in the bathroom & ensuite have been connected up to plumbing, with wastes fitted and the hob-mounted spout thingy put in place.

This is the bathtub in the bathroom; the spout is controlled from a mixer tap mounted on the wall at the top right of the pic. Hiding just behind the rim of the bath is the plug :)

However, the ensuite shower plumbing still hasn't been corrected, with the ceiling-mounted showerhead still wall-mounted. Will get this corrected before plaster goes up.

Tina has organised for an independent inspector to go through the house, probably won't be until Wednesday May 5th as Monique wants to make sure the Metricon quality assurance people have given the house a thorough check first. Might delay the start of plastering a little while; but certainly better to have any problems identified and fixed before plaster goes up! Depending on how good our inspector is, we'll reveal their details after the inspection is done.

Hopefully the painter will start tomorrow, and finish up before the predicted late-afternoon showers come through.



  1. It's funny how different metricon do things in different states. We are close to being completed and still don't have a bathtub yet yours is there now. Looking great, can't wait to see it progress to the next stage.

  2. Hi Tim & Tina,

    Thanks for letting us know about the inspection company. Are they any good and how much were you out of pocket ? we are thinking to get ours done but not sure at which stages ? any recommendations ?

    Thanks and love love your blog :)

  3. Haven't had the inspection done yet, it'll be in a couple of weeks. Lots of different companies will do inspections, normally around $600 for a 40sq+ house.



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