Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 112: Bricks cleaned - first floor

Got to the site about noon today to check out the brick cleaners working up on the first floor.

Pretty messy & noisy job, with two trucks out the front pumping the acid wash up to the cleaners, who were in full protective gear.. well, except for the unlucky bloke on the scaffolding :)

Metal capping to the first floor brickwork also installed in preparation for weatherboard cladding. You can also see the difference between clean and uncleaned bricks. The cladding was delivered in the afternoon, so hopefully it'll be installed sometime this week. Looking at the top of the balcony, seems to be missing a row of header bricks at the moment... also the torn weather wrap needs a little closure.

Finally, the bathroom bathtub has been delivered, as well as a few other little goodies - in particular the Gainsborough 750mm double pull handle for the front door! Love this upgrade, it'll look brilliant when installed!



  1. Hi Tim and Tina

    The bricks look amazing!!!......Only wish we could get your bricks in QLD :( We would have loved to use the Austral Hawthorn on our Denver, but apparently they are only available in VIC. Thanks for providing such a complete summary of your build progress with Metricon.

  2. Hi Drew & Maya - thanks for your comment! We love these bricks, didn't know they were unavailable in other states. They're actually called the Austral Melbourne bricks, so maybe they're specially for vic only. You should be able to get a similar brick from a different manufacturer thoguh, I've head PGH, and Daniel Robertson in particular do a fantastic Hawthorn brick. Good luck with your Denver, it's our favourite single storey design but needs massive land to fit it!



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