Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 128: Bricks cleaned, and Metricon's quality inspector through house

Tina reports that the remaining ground floor bricks have been cleaned - but because it was dark by the time she got there, no photos. Hopefully better photos of clean bricks tomorrow.

Also, looks like Metricon's quality assurance inspector has been through the house, and now there's a whole lot of pink on the frame!

Apparently there quite a few noggins in bulkheads at the wrong height for fixing plaster too, and not enough noggins in some places - at least, that what those written notes indicate!

There's also a lot of notes to make the frame flush; a fairly simple fix.

Anyway, it's nice to see that things have been picked up already, we'll have our independent inspector go through next week - and actually, we're hoping he won't pick up many additional issues, as that would mean the internal quality inspection is of a high standard.

Finally, got a lockup invoice in today's mail - the biggest slice of the bill at 25% of contract price!



  1. Ouch! Wouldn't it be nice if we could get our houses for free :-) That's great that metricon is picking up all those things. House is looking fantastic, coming along very nicely.

  2. Hi Tim,

    Wondering how much it costs you to have the upgrade brick to Austral ? did you have the upgrade for just the ground floor or also part of the first floor too ?


  3. sarah: hey, not long until you're finished too - coming along great!

    stewart: bricks were...erm... 4-6k to upgrade whole house, can't remember exactly. I'm not sure why you'd choose to have different bricks to ground and first floor!!



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