Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 126: Scaffolding down, Lockup Stage Complete!

Pretty crappy weather in Melbourne this week - but who cares, because now Lockup Stage is complete!

Scaffolding removed this morning.

Still a bit of external work left to do, putting up the garage roof and balcony floor.

Back of the house is kind of messy, but with the scaffolding gone the side area looks a lot more open than it used to. Unfortunately we don't have a huge backyard, I'm standing right in the very back corner for this photo. For the outdoor room, it'll probably be a decked area extending beyond the roof line, maybe towards the sides and/or back fences.

In this final pic, this is the home theatre room at the back corner, and up the side is about 3m of width leading to the rear roller door from the back of the garage. Thinking of doing some kind of concreting or paving here, so I can work on my cars in the area behind the garage. It's got external power, floodlights and a tap to this area for that purpose!



  1. Very nice Tim, i like your Austral Hawthorn bricks colour, i can't wait until my site start until june or july for Nolan as well.


  2. Hi Tim,

    House is looking good mate. Was wondering whether Metricon gave you the chance to get in and wire up your Home Theatre? We're starting a build with Metricon up in Qld soon and I'm keen to do the majority of the ethernet / speaker cabling myself. Curious as to whether they'll let me!

    - Nick



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