Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 106: Bricklayers back at work, and daylight savings sucks!

I always get confused when it comes for daylight savings time to change... putting clocks back, forward - all it means to us is that now when we get to our house around 6-6:30, it's already pitch black!

Still, there was just enough light to make out that the brickies had been hard at work again today, despite the odd rain showers that came through.

In this pic above, it looks like the balcony has been all bricked in. This will be rendered; and of course the chippies have to come back to put in the balcony floor.

This shows the west facing first floor wall which has been just about finished; the first window along is the ensuite window over the bath, the next window is for Bed 2. At the front of this wall (left of photo) you can see the weather wrap, which will be covered by weatherboard cladding covering the facade.

Finally, this is looking at the rear of the first floor. The brickwork ends just at the Bed 3 window, and then across this wall will be weatherboard cladding to match the front. Great!

Tina got a call from our SS's boss today - turns out she's been on holidays the last week or two which is why she hasn't called. Regardless, there's been plenty of progress just about every day, very well organised, and we think it was good customer service on behalf of Metricon to contact us on Monique's behalf. Let's hope the good run continues!



  1. tim
    lucky u. House near completion!!

    Can u elaborate on your light fittings , power points, evaporative cooling,landscape, tv points,swimming pool,gym etc ? I did not know how hard it was to locate downlights and powerpoints.
    I flicked the evaporative cooling by big M and asked around for quotes. It is about $1.5K to 2K less!!!! Some include power point and tap locating if not add another few $00 bucks.

  2. Hmm... not asking much! Best you visit display homes and see if you like their lighting layout, that's what we did. Put a powerpoint just about anywhere 2 walls join. Put a TV point where you want a TV... it's not really that difficult! We did a few downlights downstairs but none upstairs.



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