Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A cooking session with Adam Liaw thanks to Metricon!

So last month we managed to grab an invite to see Adam Liaw cooking at the Metricon display home in Burwood East.

Must admit - we've both got a massive crush on Adam Liaw, who won Aussie Masterchef back in 2010. He's had an amazing career since then, and if you haven't seen his cooking shows on SBS (Destination Flavour: Japan is our favourite!) then do yourself a favour and go stream it now!

The demonstration was mostly about Chinese New Year, so I got to make a few dumplings (poorly) with Adam. We also got to have a good look around the display home, which in typical Metricon style was fully maxxed out with amazing features.

In retrospect, would've been nice to have a butler's kitchen in our house... as well as a butler to cook for us! With the long hours we're spending at Verdant Dental Niddrie, we're usually back home late eating reheated frozen food, which is a long way short of a Masterchef meal!

And of course I'm obliged to finish this post with some good news and an offer for everyone out there - if you have private health insurance (with extras) from HCF or Defence Health, you're probably eligible for a FREE dental checkup/exam, clean at Verdant Dental Niddrie! In particular, HCF members who are eligible also get free dental xrays and a free fluoride treatment, as well as a free mouthguard every year at Verdant Dental Niddrie!

To make an appointment at the best dentists in Melbourne (Verdant Dental, obviously!), give us a call on 03 9379 3736!

Tim & Tina


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