Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 107: Is our brickwork... finished?

Looks like the bricking stage of lockup is pretty much done - the brickies have taken away their cement mixers and sandwich makers from the site, but left behind their handiwork for us to inspect!

Above: The balcony has had another layer of bricks added to it. Brick sill to the facade window on the right also visible.

All the brick sills have been installed on the ground and first floors. As you can see above, plenty of mortar and dirt all over our entry doorframe! As long as everything is cleaned off properly before staining, the frame should come up just fine. A little worried about the glass - will have to check very carefully at handover that nothing is scratched!

Garage has had the brickwork over the entry all completed too. Don't thnk there's much left to be done for bricking!

Seems the next thing to happen outside should be installation of the cladding to the first floor front & rear, then eaves. We don't really expect much to be done tomorrow, as our anticipated completion of bricking (according to My Metricon) was April 12, 4 days away. We're not sure if completing the garage roof and electrical wiring is part of lockup? Guess we'll find out!


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