Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 108: Site clean

Just a man, his truck, and his mini digger cleaning up after the brickies finished up.

We were hoping maybe a few pallets of bricks might be leftover, but it looks like there was just enough to get our house done.



  1. Must be exciting to see the brick work finished! Now, it's on to...?

  2. Thanks Stefan - hopefully not that much left to do for lockup, just weatherboard cladding and eaves, and I'm not sure there's much more to lockup after that!

  3. Hi Tim

    Its all looking good!

    Went to the studio yesterday, was very well prepared after visiting that many displays as well as following your blog - thanks again for all your help!

    Just wanted to ask if you are using Metricon's appliances??? If not, did you get back a certain allowance?? I'm thinking of getting my own appliances after handover.

  4. it's good to clean the site ! ours are still in a mess

  5. I'm building the whittaker 45 and I'm also considering getting my own appliances. I've heard that the quality of the oven is average to very good but the quality of the microwave and dishwasher is only average. I would also be very interested to know if metricon gives an allowance.

  6. Hi everyone - we went with the Baumatic appliances provided as standard, 900mm underbench oven, gas cooktop, and canopy rangehood. Plus the microwave and dishwasher, as it was part of the promotion. You can probably get them taken out, but don't expect to get the full amount/value of the product back as a credit! We figure that when the appliances die, then we'll upgrade to newer/better stuff then. More importantly for us, we only have a whole lot of hand-me-down furniture, so we're going to spend an absolute packet on new furniture for the house!



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