Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 111: Lockup carpenters on site

Got a voicemail from Monique this morning for our weekly update. Apparently the lockup carpenters are working on the eaves today, and hopefully will start on the balcony floor and cladding for front & rear tomorrow!

A minor job, but an important one - the bipart sliding doors have been installed in the frame. They look great already, can't wait to get them stained!

Also a very elegant sign from Slattery & Acquroff stairs! Check out their website for some of the stair designs on offer, many pictures of stairs from Metricon display homes. The stairs we chose is the Contemporary 17 design - cantilevered with stainless steel balustrade and continuous handrail, which we will stain dark to match the front & rear doors.

At the rear of the house, some timber framing has been installed outside the wrapping to which the linea board (weatherboard cladding) will be fixed to. You can also see the eaves installed, and when they're painted they should match the Surfmist fascia well. Plenty more broken tiles on the roof... but with a lot more work to be done above the roof, all the broken ones will be replaced after work is complete.

This view looking up at the front shows how the eaves have been installed -the lockup carpenters fixed extra battens under the roof trusses, to which the eave plastering is fixed to. Only a few more sections of eaves to be installed tomorrow!

Finally, went back at night to see how the house looks - things are moving along well, and I think I'll spend my day off tomorrow hanging around the front, watching the carpenters work! Monique thinks the lockup stage should be done in a couple of weeks, right on time for the end of April.



  1. The stair looks gorgeous.

    Do u have tv and internet accesses points installed by big M ?

  2. Yup, TV & wired networking all done through M. Kind of hard to do it afterwards!

  3. Wooden bipart doors look awesome. Very modern . . . great look. We are getting the same one.
    Are you planning to have a flyscreen/security door? Do you know if it is possible to get wooden ones? Did M give you this option?

  4. Hi diane - we haven't got any flyscreens, but I'm sure you can either get Metricon to add them in, or add them in after handover. We've seen other Cantebury biparts with flyscreens (try checking the manufacturer website too)



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