Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 122: Data, TV and phone cabling installed

Didn't go to the house today (again, too dark after leaving work) but Tina got some good shots of the new cabling installed this morning. While the electricians installed the power & lighting stuff earlier this week, a different team came in for the data, TV and phones.

All the network cabling returns back to the walk-in-linen cupboard (white cables). There's also 7 TV points which come back here to a Starserve box.

This shows the TV and data point going to the home theatre room. Though there's only one network point coming here, I can always add in a switch in future in case there's more cabled networking needs here.



  1. Hey Tim

    Just reading your post on your electrical appointment way back and we just completed ours last week and came out at $15k (not including evap cooling and split system). If I remember I read you spent $10k or so. How did you budget so well for it????

  2. Well, you could spend $0 at the electrical appointment, if you didn't add any more powerpoints, lights, networking etc. Just depends on what extras you want and how many I guess!



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