Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 99: Internal plumbing, roof flashing

Realised when we got to our house around 7pm that the days are definitely getting shorter and darker already - note to self; pack a big flashlight in car for future visits! Didn't think anything would be done this week except for the scaffolding, but happy to be proved wrong!

Anyway, while it didn't look like anything was done on the outside, we've had our front tap replaced and water connection to the water meter done, and internally the plumbers had been busy connecting up all the "hidden" piping for the basins, showers, baths, toilets etc.

This picture is standing in the dining room, looking up at the bathroom plumbing. The big pipe on the right leading nowhere will be connected to the bathtub, the pipe on the left connects to the vanity and shower. Other connections have been installed for the toilets and other waste outlets.

Also all the mixing mechanisms had been installed for the showers & baths; and the ensuite shower floor had been put in - though the rainfall showerhead still hasn't been moved - need to remind our SS next time she calls. Another thing to follow up on is the floor waste to the laundry hasn't been moved yet.

Also, flashing for the ground floor roof had been installed; the metal gutter-like thing running alongside the tiles. Plus a few tiles broken in the process! There's also 2 pipes connected to the plumbing, that look like they drain from the roof. Not sure what they're for.



  1. Looking good Tim. Love the daily progress updates. With the pipes running across the dining room ceiling space have you considered insulating them to reduce noise? I'm wondering if you're sitting there having dinner and you hear the water running thru them when someone is having a shower or flushes the toilet?

  2. Luckily we're staying only 10 mins from our building site, so we can pop by every night :) As for pipes, doesn't bother us - only water draining passively through the pipes so it's not that noisy anyway, and I doubt insulation would quieten it any further!



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