Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 72: Happy, 95th blog post! Ground floor roof, gutter & fascia installed

*edit* Apparently this is not blog entry #100 - there were some draft entries still hanging around. Anyway, we'll probably hit blog entry #100 by next week at this rate!

Missed a call from our SS this morning - apparently carpenters would be onsite today, and roof tiling to start tomorrow, and hopefully finished by next Tuesday! Tried to call her back, but no answer on her phone - need to organise a frame walkthrough end of next week.

This pic is standing in the backyard, looking at the corner of the home theatre. We're loving the two-tone combination of gutter & fascia still! You can see the eave width on the ground floor roof is standard, compared to extended eaves on the first floor roof. There's no protection to the ground floor roof - I guess it's not that far to fall!

This pic taken from Bed 4, looking out over the home theatre and to the backyard. There's meant to be roof access from Bed 3 to this ground floor roof area, but from the looks of where the roof trusses are, there's not going to be enough space for that - add that to the list of things to check on. No windows installed today, but at least all the remaining windows/doors are undercover on the ground floor so they won't sit out in the long weekend's rain that is predicted.

The chippies didn't install any tile trusses to the roof - I'm not sure if that's the chippies job or the tilers job. Forecast for tomorrow is for occasional showers and the odd thunderstorm, so we're hoping for clear skies over our little patch of land!



  1. Hi Tim

    We're enjoying your loyalty posting daily and imagining that will be us soon.

    How the hell did you take that 2nd picture?? Are you secretly spiderman or something????

  2. Hi Tim,

    admire your dedication to the blog.

    Word of caution - need to be vigilant about what goes into your house especially the stuff you can't see. I went by my house and the supervisor was around and let me poke around. As I was going through the house I stumbled upon the carpet underlay. It was the stock standard one which made me quite cross as I had "thought" I had upgraded to the top of the range "Supa Blue" stuff which cost an additional $1K. After I left, I made a stern call to the builder about being charged for something I didn't get. Made worse because I had been issued a final invoice. End result: I am going to get a revised final invoice.


  3. Can't agree more here. Stumbled along your site whilst looking for something else. I've built a nolan about 4 years ago now (would love to do it now and have a bigger garage like they have now but thems the breaks). You should be able to have an access way through to the 1st floor ceiling from the walk in in the back wardrobe OK, but only for access, not for storage, I'd go off the alfresco and lock something if you are after that. Don't know if they have changed now, but they used to put in ceiling insulation after the plaster (not strung up before as they used to) and we had some missing as a result (Over the dining area off ground floor, and over the main bedroom) which were in areas it's really hard to get to due to the roof trusses. So check if you can.

    Anthony / Greensborough



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