Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 71: Scaffolding & bracing removed, first floor windows 80% installed

Another glorious day, stuck indoors at work. But at least every hour at work is an hour closer to 5pm, when we can leave to go check on our house progress!

Today we found that the scaffolding for the roof trusses/gutters had been removed, just the railing to the roof top remains. Also, all the internal bracing has been removed, but it's left quite a few small holes in the first floor that you can see right through to the ground floor! Of course, it'll be covered up by carpet, but it's still a little offputting but what can you do?! Also, most of the upstairs windows have been installed.

This photo shows two fixed windows in the upstairs leisure area, and I'm standing where the garage will be looking up at them. From this angle you can also see how wide our extended eaves will be - all 600mm of them! There's also a black pipe hanging down the right side of the photo, I think this one will connect to a water tap to be installed behind the rear garage roller door.

This photo shows a little awning window that will be over the bathroom bathtub, then to the right of that a loop of black piping which is carrying hot/cold water to the mixer tap for the bathtub. The last window on the right is the Bed 3 window, which we relocated to the south facing wall (rather than the hot west facing wall). To comply with rescode, it has obscured glass up to about 1700mm, then clear glass in the opening awning part.

Windows still awaiting installation: Home theatre windows x2 (relocating one from the family room installed incorrectly), leisure area sliding window, master bedroom awning window and french doors. Plus waiting on installation of the front doorframe, rear bipart and internal access doorframes.



  1. Looking good. We're still getting used to seeing how houses here are built with a timber frame. We're from Perth were it's double brick not brick veneer, but we're getting used to it! We moved here a year ago and building with Metricon. Our colour selection is on 16th March. Does anyone at Metricon know you have this blog? Thanks Paul

  2. Hi Paul - we've read some WA building blogs and the double brick looks odd to us too - especially where channels have been cut on internal brick walls for light switches etc!

    Don't know if Metricon check for blogs, but you'd think that for any home builder in Australia there would be a few people blogging about their builds! There's probably more blogs for Porter Davis and Henley than Metricon though, going by the number listed on Homeone.

  3. Hi Tim. With double brick there's no problem when you want to hang a picture. Just put a masonry drill bit on your drill and go for it! If you want another power point after the house is built though, it has to come thru the cavity on the external wall! Love your daily blog updates...we look forward to them! I may start one myself when our build starts. Paul.



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