Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 91: Ground floor, east side bricking completed

Turned up around 3:30 today, and found the brickies going hard at it. Apparently the team of 5 come from Rye every day! Bought them some beers to celebrate finishing up at the end of the day which was much appreciated.

Today there was more bricking at the front, over the front door, and up underneath where the balcony will be. Not quite sure how they're going to build the balcony there, but after all the bricking is done, the balcony will be rendered.

The east side ground floor was completed today too, with the bricks at the home theatre room wall nicely tucked up the ground floor fascia. Also some more bricking done on the west side, including installation of lintel over the kitchen window splashback, and a bit of bricking at the rear around the bipart doors.

Also got a message on my voicemail from our SS. She mentioned that we were lucky enough to get the brickies in a few days early, which means the ground floor should be bricked up by the end of this week, and scaffolding should go up next week. Brickies probably wouldn't be back until after the Easter long weekend, so it means there won't be much happening next week.


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