Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 90: Bricking continues

Today, some more work done on the east side of the house (garage side), I think they've bricked up as high as they can go without proper scaffolding. Plus the first floor needs to be wrapped before any more bricks can go up on that side.

They've also bricked up & over the study and family room windows, with steel lintels installed to hold the weight of bricks over the windows.

This picture shows the colour difference between freshly laid mortar and dried mortar. The bricks at the top were laid today and the mortar is still a little wet, and very dark. The bricks that were laid 4 days ago has the mortar drying out nicely, showing the off-white colour; we reckon they look awesome against the dark Hawthorn bricks! We were a bit concerned when they were first laid because the mortar was so dark, but it's come up a treat now! From what we can tell, the brickwork is being done nicely, with consistent mortar width and everything lining up nicely!

Up on the first floor in the leisure area, we can see about 2 courses of bricks above the existing level of the weather wrapping. When the scaffolding comes back for the first floor, they should wrap the first floor and then continue bricking.

And finally, I messed about a little with Photoshop and came up with this composite image made up of 5 photos in the open plan area. From left to right: Family room, home theatre room, dining room (with bipart door) and then kitchen with window splashback, and on far right the fridge alcove/walk in pantry. Will have to try this again, but using a tripod to take more even photos so the joins are less visible.

Pray for good weather to continue, we're hoping to have the ground floor bricking finished this week!



  1. Hi Guys,

    things are coming along nicely.

    when the brickies are done and it is time for them to wash down the bricks with acid - you need to watch out for any metal surface like door hinges or door handles. any bit of contact will corrode the metal surface and need replacing. need to keep a track of these things and log them with the supervisor to avoid future disputes.

    with the windows - watch out for scratches after the brickies are done. in our case, we had 12 clear glass panes replaced because of large scratches due to bits of mortar making contact with the glass and leaving scratches.

    These are lessons from my PCI.

    even though my building process is nearly done - I will keep my eye on the progress of your place.

    Good luck


  2. Hi Sean - good advice re: corrosion and windows, we'll get a professional inspection done at handover which will hopefully cover all those issues (and more if they exist!)




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