Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 80: Happy 100th blog post! First floor roof tiling completed

OK, so I think this is the official #100 blog post - woohoo! And to celebrate, today was a beautiful Melbourne autumn day, just right for the tilers to finish off the first floor roof tiling including pointing.

Kind of hard to see from this angle, but the first floor tiles are all up there. Plus at least another hundred smashed on the ground! We'll go in on the weekend with brooms to sweep out all the crap from last weekend's hailstorms.

The other thing done today was that the carpenters came back to cut out the bottom part for doorframes - you can kind of see the trail of sawdust in the doorways above. Unfortunately the wrong door position from Bed 4 to the bathroom hasn't been corrected, so it's another thing to add to our list of things to be fixed. Plus there's a couple of doors which haven't been cut out, I think to the linen cupboards, and all the sliding robe doors, so the chippies will be back a few times for that anyway. I'm never quite sure why tradies turn up to do 30 minutes of work each day - wouldn't it be more efficient and practical to do one job at a time until it's complete? Anyway, not my responsibility to organise all that, as long as it all works out in the end!

We also got the frame stage invoice today, dated from yesterday - while officially the frame stage isn't complete as the external door frames aren't on, we'll just pay this invoice as there's a list of minor things which we'll raise as items to fix on Tuesday when we next meet with our SS. We're hoping that by our meeting, the ground floor tiling will be complete, and hopefully the doors all on too!



  1. Hi Tim and Tina,

    Just wanted to say that we have been following your blog with real interest. Before we decided to start building with M, I read all your posts (phew, so in detail and completely on the mark. We especially love the Feng Shui insights, as we also follow these train of thoughts) We have since decided to build with M and are building the Nolan Kingston 45. Yesterday we put the $1000 for soil test and survey! SO EXCITING.

    We look forward to your ongoing posts and really just wanted to let you know that they have helped us immensely and we look forward to future posts.

    Good luck with the building,

    With thanks,


  2. hi, i spotted your blog. i like it because it is detail. i am looking at M if they are reliable. so far they are responsive to my email and took the effort to call me in singapore. great job on yr blog.



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