Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 92: Garage wall bricking commenced

Some more work by our brickies today; starting on the garage wall adjacent to the fenceline was the most noticable thing today. It's about halfway done - it should reach almost to the neighbour's eaves when this wall is done.

This is a freestanding brick wall - no timber frame to tie onto. You can see 3 brick pillars/piers along this wall. In-between each pillar, there's just a single brick wall, with the "nice" side facing out... towards the fence. Anyway, I'm planning to add in built-in garage shelving in these niches, so it's not a big deal. Each brick has 2-3 "nice" sides, and one crappy side, which is normally hidden by facing inwards towards the timber frame, or in this case with our garage wall, in towards the garage. On the other side of the garage, the "nice" side of the bricks are facing towards the garage.

After this wall is done, we have to decide whether to replace the paling fence there (we had 4 sections of fence removed, but 2 sections were destroyed in the great site scrape of mid January 2010) or simply leave an exposed brick wall to our neighbours. I'm inclined to put all the fence back/get the missing sections remade, as that's what we promised the landlord of the neighbouring property, but we can decide on this later.

More brickwork was done around the west side of the house, with the dining room window (pictured above) bricked over. You can also see the outdoor room pillar has been complete, which is great - there was only a single timber pole holding up this corner of the house before, and with the added weight of roof tiles, we're feeling much more secure now there's a brick pillar supporting the roof! The exposed beams in the outdoor room will also get painted in Surfmist to match the fascia.

The weather forecast is looking good (fingers crossed still!) for the remaining days in the week, some fog tomorrow and minor showers on Friday - so we're hoping to have the ground floor bricking complete by Friday! What remains to be done for the ground floor is the garage brick walls and piers, and to complete the west side bricking.



  1. Hey T&T, I'm curious about your garage wall. Ours (Hampton 42) is brick veneered, (timber stud frame, plasterboard internal wall) but yours is single skin brick? Is this specific to the house design? What are the pros and cons? I tend to let a lot of crap lean on the garage walls and have damaged the plasterboard walls before, so am thinking that the brick internal walls are better for a garage. Not even sure why we have internal plasterboard - pretty sure we didn't pay any extra for it! Any ideas why there is the difference? Cheers -JT.
    P/s - you might have the same brickies as us, as yours seemed to start just as ours was finished!

  2. I think it depends on the house designs, a lot of single storey houses have plastered garages. Also, your house has a first floor over the garage, ours doesn't, that probably makes a difference too. Maybe screw some MDF to the plaster wall in the garage before you start piling the junk in there!



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