Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 93: One week of bricking, not much left for ground floor to be completed

Our brickies started last Thursday, and it's pretty impressive to see what the team have managed to do in a week!

From the front, the portico now sprouts two big brick pillars, plus the "rear" pillars for the balcony were completed. These pillars and the balcony will be all rendered.

Also a more work on the garage was done; the side wall is pretty much complete, the brick piers are all in, and the rear bricking for the roller door was done as well.

Need to get the chippies back to erect the garage roof, then the people for the gutter/fascia, and then the tilers!

For the ground floor bricking to be complete, we need the rear bricking over the bipart door and home theatre window finished off, plus a bit more bricking on the west side. Hoping it'll all be done by tomorrow afternoon!


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