Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 83: Roof completed, bricks delivered!

Today the ground floor roof tiling & pointing was completed - nice to know that everything is undercover now!

This is a view of the ground floor roof from Bed 3. We love how they look close up!

Also had a big delivery of other items today - I think it was about 15 pallets of bricks, around 7200 bricks in total, weighing something like 24 tonnes - if the delivery invoice is to be believed! Still waiting on another 9000 bricks or so in a later delivery. Funny thing was, I was driving through Heidelberg this morning and saw a big Austral Bricks truck going the other way, and was thinking to myself "Maybe those are our bricks?" Can't know for sure...

Checking things out in closer details, these are the correct Austral Hawthorn bricks that we chose. They look like a good batch - nice dark brown bricks with many black specks in them!

Internally, we noticed the drain pipe for the powder room sink had been moved about a foot - we also need to let our SS know the laundry waste pipe also needs to be moved. Hopefully they won't damage the laundry sliding door in the process, as the powder room was full of concrete bits when that pipe was moved.

Meeting our SS tomorrow afternoon - need to print off a list of minor things we need to check up on.

D&E: Glad to hear you're finding our blog useful! If you need any other details don't be afraid to post a comment anywhere on the blog.



  1. Not that I'm saying this........when building our Nolan I got the locks just before lockup (we had a door in the garage, which was the same lock, and the garage door was not on) so took the tumbler off the door (builder finishes at 3pm most days) took it to the locksmith and got a builders key cut) did give me after hours access to my building, and also gave me a better way to check on all the little things so they could get fixed before it became too hard to see, let alone fix.

  2. ooohhh anonymous, that's naughty. I got into trouble yesterday for going onsite from our SS.
    T&T, re Ruby she doesn't drop hair like a jack russell does - we used to have a tenterfield that had the same hair that just came out. She has hair more like a human however if she lies on something black there normally is a hair or two that is left behind. LOVE the roof, I love those lines, and I can't wait until the bricks are up to see those - it's all coming together now.

  3. Our SS today said that we didn't really have "appropriate footwear" for going on site, guess I should've worn something a bit sturdier than crocs!

  4. Guys what roof tiles did you decide to go with?

    Also interested how you are getting so much access to the site. I will have to learn your tricks. cheers


  5. B&T: think the tiles were bristile charcoal grey linea, if you look through some earlier posts I think all the colour items were listed there, somewhere!

    as for site access, all you gotta do is walk right in :)


  6. Hi Tim/Tina,

    We are currently in the process of building with Metricon, we are very happy for you both as we follow your blog religiously :) Just a question in regards to the roof tiling. Did they put a thick plastic sheeting underneath the tiles ? We have an uncle who works in the supplying industry to construction says that if there isn't a sheet (thick plastic one) underneath the roof tiles, it's very easy to leak in the future when it rains.

    Looking forward to your next blog and response.

    Dianne & Leigh

  7. G'day Dianne & Leigh - there's no sheeting under roof tiles. At one stage we were considering colorbond, which needs the sheeting for some reason. So far after Melbourne's heavy rains the roof is watertight - except for where the tiles have been broken by tradies!

  8. Hi Tim and Tina,

    Thanks for your quick response, we love your choice of design, do you know when you will be able to move in :) ? We are so excited for you as it's close to lock-up stage. Also, a quick question, we are at the site preparing/slab stage and our CSC does not seem to care to call us or get back to our emails regarding our queries, we wonder how often they called you at that stage ? do we need to consider changing our CSC since she's completely non-responsive to our questions via emails and phone messages.

    Thanks so much again !

    Dianne and Leigh

  9. Moving in - well, officially completion is end of 2010, but we're hoping September is achievable. As for CSCs, we've never contacted our building CSC as our SS called us early, gave us her phone number and so we call her directly. Only had to do that once as well. I'd say, wait until you hear from your SS and get their number, better service that way!



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