Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 73: Roof tiling commenced

Despite the intermittent showers today, we've had a bit more work done on our roof.

The first floor has had all the tile trusses installed, and lots of little piles of tiles have been moved up to the roof (hard job, I wouldn't want to have to lift all those tiles up!).

Seems simple, doesn't it? Screw together some lengths of wood, then lay tiles across them, and that's a frame and roof done! Love these tiles, seeing them up close again they have these cool lines of different widths running through them.

This pic is standing in the master bed, look up & out of the french doors. Some roof tiling installed up here.

Won't expect anything to be done until middle of next week - unfortunately predictions are for constant showers for a few days!

We also received a variation for the ensuite vanity - just need to change to slightly narrower handles, no big deal. Tina says that there's a sticker on the house saying the kitchen had been measured up for cabinetry already on 2.3.10, so it looks like things get organised quite far in advance!



  1. how exciting to have the roof on. With our house they did the bricks first then the roof - I wonder why the difference? Once the brickwork is done then you won't have to worry about wet weather slowing you down anymore.

  2. Wow, things are really moving along quickly! Were you guys impacted by the big storm Melbourne had? I'd imagine those hailstones would be large enough to crack a few tiles....



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