Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 87 (yesterday): Bricking continues

Didn't go by the house yesterday as I was invited to the launch of a new Tag Heuer watch - the Silverstone. But man, it's one ugly watch, limited edition or not!

Anyway, catching up at the house today, it seems the brickies managed to get a bit of work done yesterday, plus another delivery of bricks and sand.

From the front, we can see quite a few more pallets of bricks hanging around, and the sandpit has been topped up as well. Talked to our neighbour across the road who says there were about 4 people on the bricking team. Also some low scaffolding erected in the garage and a little further down the east (left) side.

The facade has had a little more bricking done too - looks like that timber pole holding up the master bed extension is there to stay as the bricking is going up around it.

Having another look at the portico, the brick pillars holding up the balcony have also been started. There was a tiny chip in the portico concrete at the corner under the nearest brick pillar - this hasn't been repaired adequately yet.

At the outdoor room, the temporary wooden pole that was holding up the corner of the roof has been shifted a couple of feet, and the proper brick pillar has had 3 courses started.

At the rate things are being done, hoping to have the ground floor bricked by maybe midweek. And the one thing always on our mind is when will everything be finished? We've got housesits continuously from April to July, then August to September, and maybe an offer of September to October.. but it's hard to commit to a housesit if our house will be done by then! Our SS will hopefully give us a more definite idea at lockup, which is probably 6 weeks away.



  1. Hi T&T

    I have been reading your blog and it is very useful for people like us who are planning to build. You are doing a very good job.

    Can you please let me know if Metricon uses Waffle prod slab or some other slab?

    We are going to demolish a house and rebuild like you but we have a brick garage on the neighbour’s fence line at end the end of the block. Our new garage will come in the front. When the old garage gets removed by demolition people there would be a whole between neighbour and us. We will be replacing the whole fence once the build will be over as we don’t know where the new garage will be located if we do the fence at demolition time.

    Should we get temporary fencing or would your builder cover that piece of fencing as well. Otherwise there would be a whole in the fence till we get that fixed.


  2. hi Tim,
    Great things are happening for u.

    I still have yet sign the contract! Big M says my evaporative cooling will be Brivis 43 5 outlets cost $5620.
    U mentioned u will do in after handover and possibly get a better system for the same price. Done any homework to share on this? ;-)

    And also u mentioned had upgraded your ceiling height to 2700 for $2K. Can u confirm again.

  3. Anonymous: I think most new houses are built on waffle slab, ours was. If your garage is at the front near the boundary you'll also need to remove the fence next to where the garage will be, best to ask your builder about temp fencing.

    wushukid: You'll get a more powerful evap cooler with more ducts for metricon's price which is marked up 20% minimum. And our 2.7m ceiling was about $2000 to upgrade from 2.55m, which we got in a promotion.



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