Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 192: Peering in through dirty windows

Tina got a few pics of the house in daylight today, but only from peering in through very dirty windows. Note to self: bring some windex to clean the windows next time!

Think the front & rear doors have had another coat of stain, as they're looking a bit darker. Nice!

Also some of the internal doors have been re-hung. Peering in through the dining room window, we can see the rear biparts again to the right, and next to them some double doors leading into the home theatre room.

Now here's something to think about if you're doing floors yourself - you might want to check with your builder how much gap is left under the doors when they're hung. Looks like maybe an inch between the internal doors and the slab, which means if we're doing a timber floor, the underlay + floor thickness should ideally fit under this space. If it's too thick, we'll need to have the doors adjusted to allow for the flooring thickness. Didn't think about this before we started, and a little late to do anything about it now!

And last pic for today, looks like the kitchen is almost finished. The plastering around the moved window splashback looks to have been sanded and painted, as well as the infills over the overhead cupboards. Wish we could get inside to see how the ceiling and wall colours look up close, it's hard to tell from these photos.

Benchtops were scheduled to go in today, but maybe we'll see them next week. See that horrible brick wall visible just outside the kitchen window? We're definitely going to have to block that view; don't want to be staring at that through our windows! I think we'll put up some kind of bamboo screening in a dark colour (maybe the charcoal stain colour of our front/rear doors), with some nice fruit/herb trees in pots. Would be nice to have lemons and limes handily available for my Coronas!

This evening I also got an update from John on my voicemail - apparently painting is pretty much all complete now. Termite protection was put in the laundry where the waste pipe has been moved, and hopefully the concrete repair will be done on Monday and the laundry cabinet replaced on the wall. And next Tuesday - tiling starts!



  1. Hi guys, loving your blog! thanks for all the info as we will be building with Metricon soon. Just a note, I see you have placed the skirting boards down, aren't you putting in wooden floors? because if you are, you really need to remove skirting, put in underlay then wooden flooring, and then place the skirting in place to hold it down and keep it all in place.If you do it with skirting in place first, you will only have a tiny bit showing and it really looks bad.Just thought you should check it out, best to remove skirting first. Also, where the skirting over floorboards meets the skirting over carpet, the skirting does not match up and is not even. Anyway hope this helps. Keep up the good work, and post more pics!!!

  2. Hi Helen, we're not fussed about removing and replacing skirting boards, just laying floor and quad will do just fine. Some people like quad, some people don't, doesn't really bother us.



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