Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 193: Bad language warning ahead!

Drove by the house today to check out some of the details in person. The doors, architraves etc look brilliant - the painter used a very high gloss paint and they've come up really shiny and smooth, nice!

*language warning... tune out now if you may be offended!*

...But also noticed some prick has decided to dump more garbage on our nature strip, several big old boxes with garden waste... this isn't the first time it's happened since we started construction. Probably some sad old bastard in our street who thinks they can get away with dumping their crap in front of our house, just because there's construction going on. Anyway MATE, I believe in karma - so just keep on dumping your shit wherever you like, and I hope you die soon with some horrible disease and your house burns down.

And if any reader is offended (you were warned!), just click on that little square in the top right corner with a "X" marked on it, and you'll feel much better.



  1. Garden waste? Hmm.. if you had enough time you could track down where it came from. It would be a house nearby who have been working on their garden recently, and who have recently pruned plants of the type they threw out.

  2. Hi Tim. I read you havent decided about the timber floor yet. I would be interested to hear your thoughts, I am at the demolition stage but the timber floor issue is a minefield. I am no closer to a decision.


    Floating floor. -> which is about 14mm thick and is what the display homes have. Sound a bit hollow to walk on.

    14mm solid timber glued to the slab. -> Not often recommended as it can have moisture issues. Those who recommend this method say you just need to know what you are doing. Hmmm.

    14mm solid timber on 12mm ply. -> Now the fun begins. This is 26mm thick so is higher than the tiled laundry and higher than the carpeted lounge. Step up to the timber floor??

    14mm solid timber on 25mm thick battens. The best system, but how to cope with the 40mm thick floor??

    What to do about skirting boards?? Have the volume builder leave the skirtings off for me to put in after the floors go down, or put a piece of quad around the edge of the skirting like the display homes do.

    Decisions decisions.....


    Urban Castle.

  3. Hi Urban Castle - good to see you doing so much reseatch before you build! To be honest this is one thing that slipped by us in planning. I'm thinking of just painting the slab using garage floor paint and living on that for a few months/years until we start to get some cashflow to put in a proper floor - and worry about what kind of floor then! One other thing you may want to check is vinyl planks and bamboo floors, apparently some very good products in both those categories are now available.




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