Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 200: Laundry floor slab repaired

Concreters were on the job this morning, with the laundry floor repair now complete with new concrete poured and the laundry cabinet replaced - now laundry tiling can go ahead! The laundry cabinet and walls will need touching up though, due to the amount of concrete etc flying around.

Powder room next; floor tiling and skirting completed. Also the vanity kickers here have been tiled.

Close up of ensuite shower: tiled shower base, with cuts in tile to allow for correct fall towards the waste. One tile on the left looks a little peaked compared to the rest, but should blend in well after grouting. Also note the flush finished base - there's only that tiny white lip between the shower base and the ensuite floor, where the shower screen/door will butt up against.

And finally, just to highlight the extra care our tiler has taken, check out this join between floor tile and the door architrave. Even without any grout in yet, it's almost a perfect fit - great job!

Can't wait to move in - things look great! Tina was saying it looks even too nice to be our house, since we've lived in so many... erm.... not nice houses in the past!



  1. Hey guys, your place is looking freakin' awesome!! great colour choices all round, and you are spot on about the tiling..what a fantastic job they have done. Tim, is that your footprint in the ensuite shower tiling? bet Tina will have none of that when you're all moved in and she has to clean it!! and Tina, no such thing as 'too nice' it's your home and you deserve it, so enjoy it all, so happy for the two of you.
    Helen M

  2. Hi Tim,

    Been a loyal follower of you blog since day 1 :) Our family is building in Mitcham, not too far from your area I suppose you are in Box Hill ? We love the tiling job your tiler had done. Can you please let us know his name so we can request Metricon next time when our tiling comes up which is around another few weeks ?
    Thanks ahead Tim & Tina,


  3. Helen: Thanks for your kind comment, we can't wait to get in! Though I'm kind of favouring hiring a cleaner in once a month or so, as I can't see either of us being bothered cleaning the place!

    Barry: You can ask your SS to contact MCSL Tiling, but you will often find most SSs have their preferred trades to work with and may not want to call in a tradesperson they don't know, which is fair enough!


  4. Thanks Tim, your house is looking/getting done beautifully. We are so happy for you as ours is the Denver 28. We started 2 months ago and now the bricking is about to be done so hopefully we get to lock-up stage soon with the weather this bad this time lets cross our fingers.

    All the best and we'll keep watching your blog !
    Barry & clan



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