Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 203: Tiling, and benchtops!

After another frustrating day trying to find out if my car would ever be fixed, went by the house and caught our tiler just as he was leaving. He told me a sorry tale where he'd been there first thing in the morning, when some special glue for the shower base tiles and a waste outlet were meant to be delivered - but they weren't. So he decided to go ahead and do as much else as he could, including laying all the grout - and just as he was packing up, the glue and waste outlet arrived, then the people to install the stone benchtops! Anyway, means he's gotta come back later to finish things off.

Balcony tiles: Luxe Anthracite exterior tiles.

Inside; 40mm Casarstone benchtops in Osprey to island and side bench.

Side benchtop has a few gaps around the edges where it meets the wall and window, but the glass splashback should cover all those gaps up. Also the top pot drawers don't open as they catch on the benchtop, something to be adjusted later.

And final pic of the day, Clark Razor double undermount sinks, with a little hole cut through the stone for the mixer tap.



  1. Hey Tim & Tina,

    Love your kitchen sink! Is this Razor 5940? How much extra did you pay for that?

  2. Hi WW - it's a razor something, can't remember the number. As for cost, about $5-700 for it.



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