Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 219: Response from SS regarding recent events

Well, those of you who have been paying attention recently will recall us letting off steam with lights in the wrong place and the disasterous data installation... anyway, I put some of our concerns in an email to our SS late last night, and to his credit John tried to call me this afternoon (couldn't answer due to work!) and then we just received this email tonight'

"Hi tim @ tina
Thanks for the info I have been on phone today with our suppliers on this items.
I stress to have all items rectified as soon as possible will update you with
actions taken by friday . Kind regards

so it's good to feel that our SS is aware of our concerns. Now, we don't want to overstep the mark, and be calling/emailing our SS every 2 hours, but given that many of the errors should be fixed before more fitoffs happen, we thought it'd be good to get these issues raised now, rather than at the final inspection! Anyway, now we're looking forward to speaking to our SS next to see how things will be handled. We don't expect things to go perfectly well all the time, as errors and faults are bound to occur. What's important is how these issues are managed and rectified, and so far other issues with our build have been handled well.


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  1. Well said and as I have commented in the past. Faults will happen, it's how they are dealt with that matters!



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