Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More painting pics

Some pictures showing the house after painting has been finished!

First off, beautiful front door, I think with all the staining completed. The ceilings, skirting, architraves, doors are all Dulux White on White. The walls are Dulux Natural White - probably a little more creamy than we though it would be, but I think the slight contrast will grow on us.

The laundry floor has had steel reinforcement welded back in, and should have the concrete repoured sometime this week - can't get our laundry floor tiled until this repair is completed. Termite protection was also reinstalled around the new waste pipe position.

And finally, our master bedroom.



  1. Very similar to our colours and it looks good guys.
    We chose Natural white for the walls and architraves and Vivid white for the ceilings, so it wasn't as contrasting when we decide to get window coverings.
    We did have Vivid white for the architraves but i was too stark and contrasting, so we changed it.

    At least by choosing neutral colours for the architraves if you decide to go dark carpet it wont be as noticable.

  2. Hi Jay - it's kind of hard to envisage how all the colours will come together, but so far nothing has turned out absolutely terrible - phew! Carpet still hasn't been decided; but probably a light to medium grey to go with our colour scheme.



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