Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 196: Painting finished, tiling started

Today, met up with John and our tiler Mauro nice & early in order to go over all the details for tiling. Made sure that all the tile selections were right, orientation of tiles were correct, grout colours were correct etc - quite a useful meeting! Also gave us a chance to check out all the internal painting that was completed yesterday, but there's a limit to how many photos we can put in one post - so will add paint photos tomorrow.

Anyway, here's all our tiles in the study.

The waterproofers were also back today, the first sunny day in a while to waterproof the balcony.

And by the afternoon, the bathroom had tiling commenced. Floor tiles are Tecnico Charcoal and wall tiles are Gloss White 300x600. Up one wall of the shower are the floor tiles - they look really dark in the photo, but are actually a light grey with very fine darker grey lines running through them.

Another view of the wall tiles around the bathtub. There will be white grout in between the tiles.

Tiling may be complete by this weekend, and next week we should be seeing shelving and wardrobe fitouts go in.


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