Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wet area benchtops

These were also installed yesterday - Caesarstone Urban.

Powder room - the inner support under the stone needs to be trimmed a bit more as the sink doesn't sit right. In the powder room will be a Caroma Liano semi-recessed basin, all the other basins are Caroma Liano inset.

Bathroom. Now the benchtops are in, we should be able to get tiling complete on the walls around the benchtop. Also the door adjacent to the benchtop can get the architrave installed around it.

Ensuite. Two sinks. The cutout on the left is for the lights above the mirror, and the cutout on the wall is for a powerpoint.

We went looking around for carpet today, as we want to get carpet in all upstairs and in the home theatre as soon as we can - will probably be a mid-grey/charcoal to match our grey tone colour scheme. Just a matter of choosing one, there's thousands of carpets out there! Apparently we need about "41 lineal metres" for all upstairs and one downstairs room.



  1. I really love the tile, benchtop and laminate colour you have chosen. Do you mind if I use this as the inspiration for my place?
    Thanks ;)
    Look forward to seeing some finished pics!

  2. Hi Cassandra, we used the metricon soho display home in caroline springs as our colour inspiration, basically "grey cool neutrals" throughout the house - if you google search for those words you'll also get plenty more ideas for colours. Good luck with your colour selections!




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