Monday, June 28, 2010

More pics from last week: Painting, floors sanded

Some more pics from last week's work...

This is our master bedroom - undercoat/base coat of paint has been applied to walls, ceiling & cornices. The french doors to the balcony and window are covered in plastic to stop paint getting on the frames.

In the sitting room are some of the internal doors, with the first coat of paint on them. I asked John if they would be painted on top and bottom and he said no, but according to the delivery instructions stuck to the doors, they have to be painted top & bottom to be covered by the manufacturers warranty. Fortunately the painter has painted the tops (and we presume the bottoms) for us, so no worries there!

And the yellowtongue flooring that makes up the floor upstairs has had all the joins sanded - this was done last Saturday morning.

Metricon aren't doing any flooring for us, but we're planning on carpet all upstairs (and in the home theatre room), and timber floors downstairs. Not sure on whether we'll get hardwood, laminate or bamboo floors yet, got plenty of time to think about that. But we'll definitely have to start looking at carpet soon, as that's the first thing we need after handover so we can move our bed in!


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