Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 163: More plastering & site clean

Site clean was done during the day, and the plasterers came in until quite late in the evening to tidy up some plaster work in the kitchen.

The thing is, the window bottom edge is still at the wrong height, as the caesarstone benchtop is meant to go right in the window reveal to meet the window frame, as in this picture below.

The cabinet installers also left a note for the window to be moved as it was 15mm (at least!) too high for the stone benchtop, so we expect this to be rectified.

Also, the fridge alcove has had the corners plastered in, though no cornice above.

Tina will meet with our SS tomorrow after to see how fixing is going, and to pin down the schedule to fix the other minor things.



  1. Hi Tim Have been following your blog , very informative and great to see the progress. We started this week with metricon in melbourne. Just wondering how you are getting access internally to the site every day when it is at lock up...don't they lock up?

  2. Hi Tim and Tina,

    Its Jennifer from Donny East! Just want to know which buiding inspector have you been using? Thanks for your advise re cooling. We will do the same and have evap cooling to the first floor.

  3. Rheanna: Locks will probably go on this week, so we may not have many more internal pics after this! :(

    Jennifer: We used Urban Property Inspections



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