Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 187: Review of last week's work up to now!

So there hasn't been many updates during the week - we've been busy moving to a new housesit, plus the house has been locked up with the painters doing their initial preparation work. Plus I've been distracted with my new car - I had it serviced as soon as I bought it, and now it's giving me problems! Grrr....

Anyway, John called me Friday night to arrange a walkthrough Saturday afternoon, and we were able to be brough up to date on events. We also have a new CSC, I think this is our seventh?

Still waiting on the engineer's report on how to fix the laundry floor, that should come in sometime this week.

Anyway, here's the first round of pics from last week's work. The front and rear doors have had the first coat of stain put on, and they're starting to look good already!

Should get a little darker with the next coat of stain. Blends in well with the bricks outside, but from the inside there's a huge contrast with the white walls & ceiling, looks brilliant! John also pointed out where many of the windows have been damaged from bricklaying, so they'll all get fixed before handover.

Rear bipart doors also stained up nicely.

Over the dining room window, some of the cornice has been cutout as the ceiling is bowed. This will be fixed properly to the trusses, then new cornice over this area.

The kitchen has seen some attention too. Infills have been installed over the overhead cupboards, plus a few of the doors have been replaced - one or two were scratched, the ones under the sink were rubbing, and the one in the corner of the island has been replaced too - still needs a bit of adjustment as there's a very obvious uneven gap around it.

And our kitchen sink has arrived - a special order for us, as we couldn't find it in Studio M's standard sink range.

This is a Clark Razor double bowl undermount sink, normally a commercial installation but great for home use, as it's massive! Though not as deep as we though it would be, it's the widest/longest one we could find.

And to update our schedule, painting is meant to be done by end of next week (ie end of June). The electricians may be called in to pull through/expose all their wiring before the final coat of paint. Stone benchtops should be in on July 2nd, and tiling to start soon after!

Will post a few more pics tomorrow.



  1. Looking great - I love the sinks!

  2. Hi Tim,

    Did you have often contact from your site manager ? did you meet every week or just phone call ? ours says he'll only meet us when inspection time comes, i.e. at every stage. We are not happy about that, but he says he'll call us every week to update. Is that your routine as well ? thanks for the response.


  3. Stefan: thanks - love these sinks too!

    LeAnne: We're currently on our third SS, we had one for slab, one for frame to lockup, and have just started with our third SS, John. Our first SS we only had for a few weeks and met with him once, our second SS called us maybe every second week, and our current SS is very good, calls us every week and last weekend requested an on-site meeting with us. All of our SSs have been happy to meet on site at request (I think we've only had to request one additional onsite meeting so far), but meeting every single week is probably overkill.

  4. thanks Tim, we love your house and been following it from the start, good luck, it looks so nice now already :) we are building as well, a modified Wingrove probably no one ever heard of :) thanks to you we found the one they sell (sold now) in Donvale asking price was over 1.12mil ? Ours look nothing like it, we upgraded to be 30sq and had everything changed and they charged us $$$$$$$ but happy now that we discovered "boutique/smaller" builders aren't any cheaper if we look for quality. We love your selection of colors too, ours a bit too dark, all cholocate-based colors from benchtops to cupboards to flooring etc.

    LeAnne & family



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