Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 181: Painting commences, and auction result from weekend

Apparently painting has started today - all the windows are covered by protective drop sheets. But being so dark in the evenings now, we can't really see inside and no photos turn out.

Anyway, on Saturday I went to the auction of the Metricon Promenade (with 6 bedrooms!) in Mont Albert North.

This house was completed approx July 2009 according to the Certificate of Occupancy. Opening bid was a vendor bid of $1.4m, and 4 families bid on the house to the sale price of $1.675. It was on the market at $1.6m, and I thought it'd hit $1.7m, so not far off there.

And being built 2 doors down is another Metricon redevelopment.

Perhaps the Nevada? Manor facade. Not real keen on the colour choices, can't say I'm a fan of the dark red bricks and dark window mouldings etc. Plus on the adjacent corner was a redevelopment corner site with 2 Metricon double storey townhouses.

It's pretty incredible how many Metricon houses have been built around Melbourne - that afternoon we took Bailey (the very cute cavoodle we're housesitting for) for a walk around Surrey Hills, and walked past a Nelson.

Looks like Kingston facade, Austral Newport bricks. Might be our same roof tiles too! Timber windows to the facade, 6-pane Corinthian front door with big pull handle. The alarm being right in the middle of the garage door opening is a bit ugly though, and surely it wouldn't have been that hard to put in a proper double driveway and double crossover in? Curtains in facade windows is so 1985 too... but a truly great location with classic "Eastern Suburb leafy street" trees all around (yeah, I don't know much about trees, but they look nice!)

Hopefully I'll have time to drop by the house tomorrow while the painters are in, but I'll be mostly running around trying to get my car registered so I can drive it properly!


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