Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 175: Plaster touching up

Some ongoing repair work being done - can't get on with more painting until all the plaster is ready to go!

The hole where the floor joist has been fixed is now plastered over.

Also, the final missing cornice has been put in over the fridge recess, also the hole where the cabling was pulled through has been repaired. Can see all the patchwork repairs in the alcove - lots more final sanding required before painting can go on.

And upstairs, the manhole (which was in the original but wrong spot) has been remove and plastered over. Hasn't yet been put in the right spot in Bed 4, but that shouldn't interrupt painting.

MyMetricon says painting should be done by 18.6.10, which is very unlikely - maybe another 2 weeks?

We took some friends through the house on the weekend... all they could say was - "it's a little big isn't it?" :) Which is a fair enough comment, and not said in a nasty way at all. But consider... you might build a 3 bed house, reasoning you'd never use that fourth bedroom, which would cost maybe $15,000 more in your new home contract. 3, 5 or 10 years after you move into your house and realise you could do with that extra room after all - but now it costs you $50,000 to add on as an extension? Or from another perspective, if you're building a house to live in, but keep an eye on the investment value of your house, that extra $15,000 bedroom may be worth $50,000 in the resale market a few years down the track. Don't forget, renovations/extensions are always more expensive (per sq m) than building it from scratch. Anyway, we're building this house to our needs and it suits our needs just right (I need that home theatre room! :) )

Anyway, just to get further sidetracked, I also was a bit naughty today - after selling my GTR, I was all convinced I'd manage without a project car for 6-12 months, but ended up buying a new toy this morning...

More pics on this fairly rare Audi next week after it's been re-registered! A lot slower than my GTR, but much better as a daily driver.


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