Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 66: Ground floor windows 80% installed

Phew, what a day - too much stress at work = calm evening with a cold beer! But of course, before beer comes house (though not alphabetically) , and this is what happened to our house on another slightly warm 35 degree day.

Most of the ground floor windows were installed today:
  • Sitting room (awning) windows 2x, horizontal fixed feature window
  • Study window (sliding)
  • Family room (awning)
  • Kitchen window fixed splashback
  • Dining room (sliding)
  • Powder room (fixed) x2
  • Laundry sliding door
Also the upstairs windows were all moved upstairs, but not installed yet. Might go by the site tomorrow - wonder if they'll do anything on a Saturday? These windows are by Southern Star in Pearl White; we picked this colour to contrast against the dark brown Austral Hawthorn bricks, and to match the off-white mortar.

This is the family room window - same as for the home theatre room, except the home theatre room windows are double glazed. This window has two windout awnings on either side of a fixed pane of glass. I was thinking sliding windows would be better as there's more airflow through them, but apparently there's not much difference between sliding and awning windows for airflow? We're getting flyscreens to all these windows, but they'll probably be the last thing installed before handover to avoid damage. If you look above this window there's a fair amount of wall height still (because of the 2.7m ceilings) which is good - as we're planning to put in a big split system aircon here, with evaporative cooling to upstairs.

Hopefully the remaining windows/doors will be installed by maybe Wednesday next week! Can't wait for the front door frame to go on, as well as the rear bi-part doors, they look fantastic even in their raw wood finish!

caroline: as far as moving in goes, our official finish date is the end of December 2010 - but we've got our fingers crossed for an August or September handover!


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  1. Hi Tim and Tina, your house is looking great-we found it very exciting when the windows went into our M Tribeca 40 as you started to get a sense of how the house would be when finished. Thanks for the M houses on the market you often point out. We went to the Tribeca in Doncaster that you mentioned today. We were a bit underwhelmed as it had hardly any upgrades and was the smaller version of ours. I'm amazed how much bigger all the rooms are in ours despite it only being 10% bigger. I have to agree about the facade being plain (we did the render on the balcony which looks a lot better), the open wardrobes in the master bedroom (seems ridiculous!) and the lower ceilings (first time i've seen our house with a lower ceiling and I couldn't believe how closed in it felt compared with ours and we've only got 2550 ceilings). I also felt some of the rooms seemed quite cluttered and all the semi-nude pregnant photos everywhere were a bit bizarre.
    We are in the same situation as you in that if we were trying to buy a knock-down now in our suburb we would be looking at at least $100K more if you could even find one, which is good for us too.
    Not sure if you've seen the house for sale at 88 Rowell Ave Camberwell-is a Glenville home, huge house, very nice but on a tiny piece of land. Good luck with your continued building. Deb (jspitz)



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