Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 65: First floor roof complete and windows/doors delivered!

Couldn't wait to get to the site after work today - and woah! Heaps of work done today - well done boys!

The roof trusses were all delivered this morning, and the first floor roof has been installed (though I suspect more bracing is yet to be installed as there's still heaps of precut wood left on site). You can also see some windows lying in the front of the block, awaiting installation tomorrow!

Closeup of roof trusses. These are all premanufactured, coded and installed like a jigsaw puzzle onsite. Gotta look carefully to see where our "increased strength" trusses are for our evaporative cooling unit.

Here's a pic of our master bed french doors (with black protective tape) lying on top of our entry doorframe.

Heaps impressed with all the work done in just one day - good co-ordination somewhere, and to have the windows & doors ready for installation tomorrow; excellent! Things are moving along rapidly, and on track for frame complete stage by end of next week!


1 comment:

  1. The house is coming along nicely.
    I know i was so excited when MY replacement roof was finally erected after our house fire. (Was nice not seeing burnt timbers anymore).
    How long before you get to move in?



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