Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 59 or 60: Soil levelled at back of block

Awesome - nothing better than working in a stuffy enclosed room on a Saturday morning when it's about 300 degrees outside and 450 degrees inside. Hot.

Anyway, looks like we've organised a 3 month housesit in Balwyn for a lovely couple after meeting them this afternoon, very happy about that! We decided to take a punt housesitting for people instead of renting during our build, and so far it's paying off! Or maybe that should "saving" instead of "paying", since there's no rent money going missing while housesitting.

Went to our house after, and while at first we thought nothing was done yesterday, when we walked right to the back we found that the excess soil from the site cut & fill had been levelled.

Before starting on construction, we had to organise a section of fence between us & the neighbour to be removed, as the garage wall would be 15cm inside our boundary. I got a contractor to take down 4 sections of fence, unfortunately 2 sections were destroyed during the cut & fill process. The remaining 2 sections remain propped up against the fence there. You can also see some big rocks that were unearthed during cut & fill - not as big as some massive boulders I've seen dug out of th ground for other builds, thankfully! Anyway the mound of soil previously was about 2-3' high, so I'm glad it's been levelled, otherwise that's about an hour's worth of shovelling to get it this level. Not a huge backyard, but large enough for our little dog.

adina: hope your house (floorplan) hunting is going well! That website is pretty useful, wish we had come across it before!

sirona: what we've found about design is that it's easy to be critical, hard to be creative! Hours and hours spent choosing external/internal colours for our house, and pretty nervous about how it'll actually look in real life - we'll see soon!

Then again, I don't think our house will be as bad as these... :)



  1. oh no, I feel so sorry for the neighbours.

  2. another website that you may like is

    its like google maps but they update every month or two so you can watch your build from the air


  3. sarahV: no worries with the neighbours, we've organised to sort out the fencing once the garage wall is built up.

    adina: yeah, we've looked at nearmap before, but nothing interesting yet - we can see the old house then the demolished block and nothing else. wish they could fly over every 24 hours for a fresh photo!



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