Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 43: SLAB DAY!

Wooo, what a day! Had to get up early, as we figured we could fit in about half an hour of concrete watching before work :)

A lucky gold coin for the slab?

Concrete trucks rolled in about 7:50am. Apparently they're not allowed to get started any earlier, and with the concrete pump truck attached, it's easy to see why - it's a pretty noisy operation and lasts for hours! Anyway, they were all setup and pouring concrete by 8:05.

The crew hard at work. They started off in the furthest corner of the slab, pouring the trenches around the outdoor room, then moved towards the front of the slab. Kind of like sanding a floor - start at the furthest corner from the exit! Meter box still crooked, but obviously will be fixed as the frame/bricks goes up.

Then, we had to leave to go to work... came back in the afternoon to see this...

yaaaay! Big huge bit of concrete! Now we're really starting to see our dream take shape. Garage on left, portico at front, and rest of the ground floor behind it. It really does take up a huge amount of land (I think our plans say it's around 49% coverage), not much at the front, sides or rear! Which is a good thing - less outdoors stuff to maintain.

View from rear of the slab. Directly in front is the home theatre room, then family room, then study, then the setdown area for garage. On the "left" of the slab from this view is the outdoor room, dining room, kitchen, laundry, powder room and sitting room. Hard to visualise right now!

Today was a pretty hot day too, around 33. Fortunately the next few days will be a little cooler with some light rain, which is apparently ideal for the concrete to cure (set) properly.

And checking MyMetricon, apparently the wall frame is due to be complete by Feb 15, just 2 weeks away!

What a journey - from buying the old house in May 09, to finally getting the foundations done Feb 2010. The next few months are sure to alternatively rush by and slow down, depending on what stage the house is up to - can't wait to see what happens next!



  1. How exciting Tim! Great to see it all going along smoothly.

  2. Hi there, just stumbled across your blog and wish I'd started looking earlier! We're building a modified Metricon Hampton (now discontinued and looks like it was replaced with the Sycamore) in Donvale. Yours seems to be moving quite a lot faster than ours! We placed our initial deposit back in Jan 09 and only had site start in December! What's more, our allowed build time is 420 days, which would let them go to Jan 2011. Must be the flooring, decking, light fittings and driveways we've included... Still, we're expecting the frame stage bill any day now, and the roof tiles should be finished this week, so they are moving along quite nicely for now.

    Interestingly, our construction CSC quit without notice a few days into our construction, and we're now also dealing with Gena.

    I just had a question: what kitchen cabinet layout did you end up with? I read your 15 Aug post with interest and note that you wanted unequal height pot drawers and a hidden cupboard in the corner of the L-shaped island bench. When we tried to get these, we were told that pot drawers had to be equal eight, and they couldn't resolve the corner of the L...



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