Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 52: Some flooring to first floor installed

I don't think the chippies were able to do much work today due to intermittent but constant rain, but they were able to get most of the flooring installed over what trusses were put up yesterday

I think this is looking up at the wall separating the study from the family room. You can see the floor trusses, with yellowtongue particleboard flooring on top. There wasn't a ladder or any access to the first floor, otherwise I would have crawled up for a look.

The trusses over the entry hallway and sitting room still haven't been installed - I think they're waiting for a delivery of more trusses because there are none left onsite. Plus a beam needs to be installed over the sitting room horizontal feature window that we added along one wall, and door heights need to be increased over internal access and home theatre room.

View from home theatre room - you can see flooring installed over the family room.

Tomorrow I'll be at the Liberty open for inspection, and will probably stop by a few other houses in the Balwyn area to have a stickybeak at what $3m gets you in the Boorondara area. And also for Sunday - Chinese new year!

wushukid: yep, ceiling heights 2.4m is standard, 2.55m is higher, and 2.7m is higher still but only available to ground floor.

JT: so you're at lockup now? how long did it take you to get to that stage? I've heard of a few double storey Metricon houses taking over a year to build, but I hope yours won't be one of them!

anonymous: you're welcome, glad to help!

Finally, while browsing Domain I found a Henley home for sale in Surrey Hills, a steal at just $3m! Won't go to this open for inspection as it's the same time as the Liberty in Mont Albert, but this one looks like it has every option! We think it's a Henley Empire house, and doing the rough sums: land value approx $1.2m, house base price $300k, options, upgrades, landscaping etc another $400-500k = under $2m development cost. Asking $3m, so maybe $1m net gain. Anyone else feeling like they want to get into property development?



  1. No, we're not at lockup yet - just passed frame stage, though they actually started bits of the lockup stage before the frame was fully complete. The amount of time is probably due to us asking M to handle everything, including driveways, paving, decking, flooring... and probably the rumpus room we tacked on the back didn't help things either!

  2. Hi Tim & Tina,
    Its great to follow your blog, found this blog by accident. We both are building the same Nolan 41, Kingston. Not much of a tech wiz, just exploring and experimenting with blog functions. Hope I can upload some photos for you to look at. Building in Deer Park, commenced on the 11.11.2009. Its like déjà vu looking at your photo's and comments. can’t believe how quick it has been for you, your Nolan is nearly where my is, unfortunately I had some delays after xmas & bricking only commenced this week. You should expect the first floor to be built next, then delivery of windows and door frames and roof tiles shortly after. Keen Follower, TN.



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