Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 50: Preparation for first floor; yellowtongue and truss delivery

Since ground floor was completed yesterday, today was a delivery day where more bits for the first floor were delivered. The wood comes from a timberyard in Dandenong, for anyone that cares! Unfortunately whoever delivered the wood left the gates wide open, so there's another reason to check your site everyday if you can.

In the big pile of wood are floor trusses - also came with a detailed engineer's diagram of exactly which truss goes where, and how to attach them. Also came with notes on how to section bits of truss to allow for ceiling fan in the powder room. Seems quite a technical job!

This bunch of yellowtongue flooring dumped on the portico. Just lots of plywood with yellowtongue connectors. Because this afternoon was about half the temperature of yesterday, we spent quite a while just wandering through the frame, trying to visualise where everything would go. Mmmm... I'm dreaming of a 200" anamorphic perforated widescreen wallmount for my HT room!

Brian reckons our chippies should be back Thursday and Friday to install the trusses and yellowtongue, but with some thunder/rain predicted for a few days I doubt they'd be on the job. They deserve a few days off after working through the hot days recently!

And finally, another shot at possibly the worst manufacturer in the world - "Hewlett Packard". Tune out now as this has nothing to do with building a house! Owning a HP product is only marginally better than having leprosy - at least most of the time you can hide your shameful HP laptop away in a bag, or in some dirty laundry. I think tomorrow I'll try blogging using a sharp stick, some coloured dirt and a bit of string - it'd certainly be more reliable than my DV9000 and probably faster too. Worst thing about HP is their total lack of support for their products - hundreds of thousands of defective laptops they refuse to fix, yet they still sell "new" models with the same defects. Plus a top-of-the-line laptop from 2 years ago is officially unsupported for Windows 7 - no doubt because it can barely run windows xp within crashing every 45 seconds. Anyone from HP reading this yet?



  1. We used yellow tongue flooring when we converted our old decking area into my art studio. Love my new floors- except i might get in trouble when i drip paint on the floor. lol

  2. Hi T&T

    I have been reading your blog and it is very helpful to the newbies.

    I cannot seem to find this in the metricon site.
    Can you please tell me how much % is each stage of payment.
    Slab - 20%
    Frame -
    Lockup -
    Fix -


  3. Congrats on getting the frame up, it is such an exciting time and a time you start to really see your house take some shape. Lets hope that the rain stops down there for you to get quickly to lock up stage.

  4. P.S. one last comment re apple - let me know if you need a good deal :-) I used to work at dell myself and I know that HP's service reputation isn't the greatest. Nothing worse than not getting service on a 2 year old machine and getting a lame "we don't support your software" excuse. It used to infuriate me when I worked there so good luck with getting your issues resolved.



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