Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 56: First floor (flooring) 95% complete

Turned up around noon today to see the chippies hard at work - all the trusses for the first floor had been installed, and by the time they left pretty much all the yellowtongue flooring for the first floor had been installed, except for a couple of sections over the sitting room to finish off.

Apparently the first floor wall framing should be done by end of this week, and sometime next week the roof trusses (with the help of a big crane) can go on!

If you look at the portico at the front, you can see a couple of vertical timber posts holding up a little extended section. On our particular facade, the master bedroom is extended here for about 2' - a little extra room is always appreciated! Looking at the right front corner of the house, you can see where the remaining trusses have been installed, but without flooring on top yet. I forgot to remind the chippies to raise the frame for the front door, internal access and home theatre - they're still set at normal door height instead of tall door height.

Completed beams, trusses and flooring. This view is standing in the hallway, looking directly at the powder room in front, with laundry on the left and sitting room on the right.

Does anyone know how soon the tilers get onto tiling the roof once the roof frame is up? Would be nice to have a hat on the house, to help prevent too much rain getting into the frame!

I took Hannah to the vet today, and judging from the bill I received , it cost me about $10 for each of the 15 minutes we were in the clinic! Should've been a vet, they get to play with animals all day... anyway, hopefully a 3 week course of anti-inflammatories will negate the need for surgery to her right knee. sarahv: thanks for the link - we were researching doggy doors a few months ago, there's another company called patiolink that sell an almost identical product, roughly $400 for a dog door insert. Pricey, but at least it's removable (can always move it to the laundry door if we need to!)


  1. Thanks for the reply last week. The plumbing for the slab has been installed and the power is on. So we are expecting the slab formwork next!
    We have found lots of Metricon builds in our area, all on knock down sites of course.
    What did you find the best way of selecting a building inspector? We haven't worked out how many stages we need assistance with the inspection.
    Your place is looking good and so are your doggies.
    Ian and Evie

  2. Hi Tim

    Its all looking good! Lets hope for the roof before the month's gone.

    We went to see that Nolan in Mitcham the other day (how on earth do you find these Metricon builds???) Wow, its one big house and it was great to finally see a chateau facade and not the typical oak park display. After we got past those red bricks (hope the owners are planning a bit of rendering) we were happy with the facade.

    Just waiting for Mendo to get back to us with some costings. Fingers crossed.

  3. From our build, the roof tiling started before the roof trusses were even complete! Doesn't stop the rain getting in though, as we had quite a few puddles in ours on Saturday, fully roofed, but no walls yet.

    We're on to electricals now, and come Friday (meeting the site super) I hope to see some bricks in place too...



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