Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 55: Frame inspection by Pip & Hannah

No work done on the house - I think it's a bit of a catch 22. The chippies can't put up the frame to the first floor until the trusses are delivered, but there's no room for the trusses because the first floor frame wood is stacked at the front of the house. Anyway, I'm sure they'll figure it all out later.

Anyway, tonight I organised for a frame inspection to be done by Pip and Hannah.

Here's Pip concentrating on the car ride to the site. This is a decent photo, but stupid Windows 7 (or was it my ultra crappy HP laptop?) managed to mangle the original file - dammit!

Pip is a Pomerian x Jack russell, mum's dog. She's about 7 years old?

Here's Hannah (on the left) and Pip inspecting the home theatre room. I don't think they're impressed by the lack of luxuries (no water bowl? no smackos? home theatre fail!). Hannah is our dog, a jack russell x mini foxy about 5 years old. Interesting story as to how we got her, she came with our Mitcham house as part of the sale! But she's staying with Pip while the house is being built.

Hannah reckons the house is nice, but needs a doggy door and plenty of fencing to make sure she doesn't run away. I think we'll construct a doggy door that will fit in the bipart door to the rear, and also to the sliding laundry door so she can get in & out to do her business.

We also went to inspect the Liberty that was for sale on Whitehorse rd, and met one of our blog readers there :) Pity about the house - looks fantastic in the photos, but they used the worst tiles known to humanity to do the ground floor. Please don't use crappy tiles in your house builds people! They looked sort of dirty white, with some horrible grey mess pattern faintly visible - something that would've been out of place in the 80s when they might have been considered acceptable. Plus the house was filthy, black handprints on all the walls, random mess left everywhere, and the owner locked the master bedroom door so potential buyers couldn't even get in there. Yuk! Maybe we've been spoiled by seeing too many beautiful display homes...

Anyway, with a day off tomorrow, Hannah should get a vet's appointment and then I'll go to see if any more work is being done on site.


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  1. awwww, what cuties. we're big dog fans. I've seen a great product at our local Rouse Hill RSPCA shop for a doggy door that fits into a glass sliding door. When we moved into our current house we realised we had a big problem. Previously we had a wooden external door with a doggy door in it. But at this house the only external door is a glass sliding door and to replace the glass with different glass plus doggy door (as you can't cut the glass that they put in normal sliding doors as it will shatter), was going to cost around $800.00. In the end we've just gotten used to letting Ruby out when she goes to the door but over the past year there have been a couple of mistakes when we've been out for too long. Anyhow, at the RSPCA shop they had this tall panel that you could adjust the height of to suit different height openings, and it was about 12-20cm wide (there were a couple of width options depending on the type of dog) and this panel at the bottom has a doggy door and it somehow connects to the edge of your sliding door opening and then you close your sliding door into this. Here is a link for a similar product:
    Just thought I'd let you know for your sake and your readers!



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