Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 64: Scaffolding

Got a call this lunch from our new SS Monique this afternoon to introduce herself. Sounds very confident, which is a good sign, I think, and got some updates on expected progress. If all goes to plan, roof should be on tomorrow, windows delivered (and installed?) Friday, and gutter/fascia to be done early next week, and hopefully a frame completion inspection at the end of next week! Let's hope the good run of progress continues!

Turned up this evening to find our house had grown a crown;

Pretty significant new addition to the frame, now its become all top-heavy. I gotta say it doesn't look all that safe to me, just a few planks with a couple of rails to stop you plummeting to the ground. I'll stay put on earth, thanks!

Scaffolding goes all the way around the house. This view from the backyard, looking at the outdoor room beams.

Mentioned to Monique about the door heights being wrong on the ground floor - it's been picked up and on the to-do list. Forgot to mention the doorframe in bed 4 is in the wrong spot, will bring it up when she next calls.

So far I think progress is going quite well, the slab was poured just a month ago, but theres been consistent work on site since then. My neighbour (who rebuilt his house 2 years ago) warns me not to get too enthusiastic, as once the "externals" of the house are done, it still takes months to complete all the fiddly internal bits :( Come on, if those renovation shows on TV can get a house built in a week, surely our house can't take more than a month to be complete? :)


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