Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 57: First floor wall framing commenced

Some more work done onsite today - commencement of framing the first floor.

View from front of house. Some wall framing done for the upstairs leisure room visible from here, with two medium sized vertical windows to be facing the front.

There's still a bit of unfinished work - flooring to master bed is not complete, missing a couple of trusses between the floors, and the ensuite shower base hasn't been sunken down for flush tiling yet. All those little items are probably waiting on a delivery of trusses & yellowtongue, as there's no room for any more materials right now! And a few doors still haven't had the taller frames corrected - again, not a difficult fix, just need to make sure it's fixed before bricking starts!

View from rear of the house - looking up to Bed 4, and some framing for the future bathroom. It looks like there's a huge bow in the frame, but I think I moved my iphone while taking the photo! I'll have to start packing a stepladder in the car to have a crawl up to the first floor! Apparently we've also had a change od construction CSC (according to mymetricon); that would make it the third construction CSC in 3 months. A little continuity would be nice!

Anyway, things are running nicely on target to have the first floor wall framing complete by this weekend. Let's hope the weather stays nice like the last few days!

Ian & Evie: We'll probably get an inspection done at preplaster (lockup stage) and final inspection. Haven't chosen a company yet, but are trying to narrow the list down a little right now! We'd probably need to book the preplaster inspection around middle of March if things run to schedule. Does anyone have suggestions for inspectors in Melbourne? They must be reliable & thorough!

R&T: yep, nice house, nasty bricks unfortunately. It makes the house look already 10 years old! And Tina found another Metricon home for sale in our area that's open for inspection this weekend, will post details in the next day or two!

JT: Sounds like you're about a month ahead of us - got any pics of the build so far?


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  1. Hi Tim & Tina. We're building Lindrum 52 and our prelim is next Tuesday. We've been reading your blog for a while now (Fantastic BTW) and recall you've blocked access to the laundry from the passage so that laundry access is only via the Kitchen. We're considering combining the butlers pantry and laundry into one big area opening from the kitchen only. We were wondering your thoughts/reasons why you did something similar.



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